Healing herbs

​​These common garden herbs have great wellbeing properties so keep them in your medicine cabinet as well as your kitchen.

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FREE! Download your free HYPNOTRACK here, and start changing your life today

​This free 10-minute taster track is ideal for first-timers who'd like to try hypnosis 

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Secrets of a make-up artist

Road testing the latest lotions and potions must be one of the best jobs in the world. Being a makeup artist, you’d think I’d favour makeup over skincare but the truth is, I’m obsessed with skin. Only skincare that really delivers ends up in my makeup kit and to get…

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Try these yoga treats and intentions for January

​Our new yoga guru suggests yogic meditation and pampering as a great start to 2014

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How to boost your libido naturally

​​Lacking a little in the libido department? Try these quick tips and see your passion levels soar

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Top tips for a healthier family

Keep your tribe in tip top health with news, ideas and advice from Janey Lee Grace 

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Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the name given to inflammation or a…

Rat attack!

​Many people worry about attracting rats to their compost heap.…


​You might have depression and my first suggestion would be…

Snoring Son

​Snoring is a sound produced during sleep when the breath…

Panic attacks

​It's important to understand that, although you feel frightened, no…

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