Wowbutter peanut-free satay aauce

Try this warming thai-inspired dip on a cold winter night and serve with chicken, prawn or roasted vegetable skewers

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How to: Chill out

Psychotherapist Maxine Harley says slow down your breathing to slow down your mind…

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Your skin problems sorted

Complexion a tad jaded? Worried about wrinkles? Don’t panic! We’ve come to your rescue with the best prevention tips, treatments and products to nip skin complaints in the bud.

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How to calm your mind during yoga practice

Learn to switch off, stop thinking about your to-do list and get the most out of your yoga class, with advice from top yoga teacher Jacqueline May Lysycia.

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What is Walt Disney syndrome and why could it cause relationships to fail?

Mike Lousada, the UKs leading psychosexual healer, looks at what this is and how to avoid it ruining your relationship

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How to encourage your children to love the way they look

I caught my little girl posing in a full-length mirror the other day. It was so cute to see her chatting to herself and commenting on her hair and clothes.

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The benefits of raw vegetables and fruits juices have been…

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Top international yoga teacher Jacqueline May Lysycia sets the record…

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There are many causes of bloating after eating but, given…

Help me beat cystitis

​We are all looking forward to some glorious summer days…

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the name given to inflammation or a…

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