Best mantras to lose weight and stay motivated this summer

​Try this shape-shrinking technique to keep you on track by top therapist Marisa Peer, author of You Can be Thin

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Learn gratitude to change your life

Do you feel as if there’s something missing in your life? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there’s a constant underlying feeling of unease or emptiness.

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How to get the most health benefits from a vegan diet

We’re seeing an upswing in veganism, not only in celebrities such as Russell Brand, Hugh Jackman, and Bill Clinton. But what exactly does it mean to follow a plant-based diet, how can you optimise your diet, and what is it about plant-based foods that help people to achieve optimum health?

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What is Neuro Emotional Technique?

“Have you ever experienced persistent pain or illness that simply does not heal despite numerous efforts?” says Jonathan Dudley, who is one of only three certified neuro emotional technique practitioners in London. “We live in a stressful world. Whether stress comes in the form of relationships, money problems or work,…

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Facelift foods: Coconuts

Coconut water is now the trendy sports drink to carry to yoga sessions, and with good reason; a rich isotonic source of essential electrolytes it keeps your body hydrated at the cellular level. Also, did you know that the humble, hairy coconut is one of the most versatile and beautifying…

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Yoga Uncovered: Your Ultimate Beginners Guide

Yoga is hot right now (not least because it’s summer), from celebrities to expectant mothers everyone seems to be doing it. But, what can it do for you, which type would you enjoy, and what does Jivamutki actually mean?

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Heal Your Heart

Not being a group person on a good day, combined with my fear of breaking into tears in public, I find my initial excitement at attending Healing Heartbreak morphing into a minor panic attack as I enter the upmarket hotel in Henley-on-Thames where it’s being held. Not that there’s any…

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Should you be breastfeeding in public?

This week is World Breastfeeding Week, and a recent report from UNICEF and the World Health Organisation found that optimal breastfeeding of children under two has the potential to save the lives of 800,000 children every year. But what if you face difficulties? Don’t give up on the idea of…

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Help me beat cystitis

​We are all looking forward to some glorious summer days…

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the name given to inflammation or a…

Rat attack!

​Many people worry about attracting rats to their compost heap.…


​Nutrition can have a profound effect on our mood and…

Snoring Son

​Snoring is a sound produced during sleep when the breath…

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