Why should you detox?

There’s so much more to a detox than just losing weight says Dao Earl, founder of Sura Detox, and a qualified nutritionist.

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Learn to let it go

Do you hold grudges for an eternity or can you manage life’s knocks without a second thought? To be able to forgive is a magnanimous act and its significance and struggle is explored in almost every religious practice, from Christianity to Shamanism. “Forgiveness is the key to freedom,” explains top…

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Anti-ageing food and drink

Are there really any foods and drinks that can actually make us more ‘beautiful’ on the outside? Do they offer any real anti-ageing strategies that are particularly noticeable – or do they only benefit us by improving health and wellbeing on the inside?

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How to: Chill out

Psychotherapist Maxine Harley says slow down your breathing to slow down your mind…

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Get younger-looking skin

I like to advocate a natural, non-surgical approach to looking good and improving the skin, ensuring that our treatments work in harmony with appropriate nutrition and lifestyle, so my tips are based on an integrated, holistic and more natural approach to aesthetic medicine. It’s not about a quick injection here…

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Beginner’s guide to Yoga

From jivamukti to sivananda, there’s a yoga style out there for everyone.

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How to give your love life a boost

We all enter our relationships with great hopes and the best of intentions – and yet we often find ourselves getting bogged down in arguments, disappointments, possessiveness and other relationship pitfalls.

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How to encourage your children to love the way they look

I caught my little girl posing in a full-length mirror the other day. It was so cute to see her chatting to herself and commenting on her hair and clothes.

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