Does detoxing alcohol, coffee, or sugar actually work?

Wellbeing coach Carole Caplin, leading UK homeopath Lyndsey Booth and top naturopathic doctor Nigma Talib team up to bust some January myths about detoxing.

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What do the contours and shape of your face say about you?

Practitioners say they can identify health issues, relationship difficulties and help you fulfil your potential all by studying the unique features of your face. This time-honoured practice has been around since at least 400BC, when it was commonly used as a fortune-telling method.

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Easy pear Bircher muesli breakfast recipe

It’s not often that hospital food becomes gourmet, but Bircher muesli was originally invented by Swiss physician Maximillian Bircher-Benner for his hospital patients over a century ago. Today the recipe, which is traditionally soaked in milk or fruit juice overnight, is enjoyed for its delicious flavour and soft, but firm,…

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How to make career changes work for you

Change is an integral part of life. for the most part, there is often little you can do to stop it happening. The secret is to take control of the changes you want to make, follow a structured approach and move forward purposefully to achieve those dreams.

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The beauty benefits of commonplace Christmas plants

Tap into the healing powers of seasonal plants with our youth guru Jayney Goddard

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Tara Stiles on why to start yoga today

The expert yoga instructor, author and model talks about how yoga has helped change her life

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One simple way to improve your relationship: afterplay

All of us have heard of foreplay – but what about afterplay? For most people the period of orgasm is less than a minute’s worth of pleasure. So aren’t we overlooking something?

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How to make positive, realistic resolutions with your kids

Supermum Janey Lee Grace says forget those hard-to-keep New Year’s resolutions and just be happy!

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