Do supplements really have an effect on your body?

Just expensive pee? Dr Anu Arasu from the Marion Gluck Clinic talks about supplementing your diet with vitamins and whether or not it’s a waste of time

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International Women’s Day 2015

There will be thousands of women’s circles, conferences and get-togethers held all over the world; as celebrations, discussions, and conversations take place concerning gender equality in our society

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New research reveals more about the link between food and cancer

Surprising new statistics reveal that 41 percent of the British population are oblivious to the role that diet plays in the development of cancer - and even those with a family history of the disease are failing to consume potentially “cancer-preventing” compounds in their daily diet.

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8 ways to stop procrastinating

Whatever your dreams, stop procrastinating and you’ll feel happier and more balanced, says Julie Penfold

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Five steps to an instant anti-ageing effect

Dr Nick Lowe, Professor of Dermatology, explains why mineral make-up could be great for your skin and how to use it

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Improve your balance with a Warrior III yoga pose

Warrior III is often neglected in favour of its better-known related poses, warrior I and II. Yet it’s warrior III that ticks many boxes, helping to improve balance, stamina, strength and mental focus.

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Simple steps for better sex

They say that foreplay begins with the man taking out the rubbish and there’s a lot of truth in this approach. When a woman feels safe and cared for, her body relaxes. Its neural responses and the hormones associated with it can determine whether sex is on the cards or…

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Should parents tell little white lies?

Supermum Janey Lee Grace discusses the noble lies she tells her brood!

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