Chinese-style steamed trout

If you think steamed trout sounds dull, think again. This fish, marinated in a black bean, ginger and garlic mixture before being moistened with rice wine and soy sauce, is superb.

Serves 6


2 trout, each about 675–800g/11/2–13/4lb

25ml/11/2 tbsp salted black beans


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On the couch: Are you a people pleaser?

Top psychologist Dr Nicola Davies introduces everyone’s go-to assistant

Meet the people pleaser, the proverbial ‘doormat’ or pushover. Their deep-seated insecurity and low self-esteem make them very compliant and easy targets to use or abuse in relationships. Since they lack a solid sense of self-worth, they are always looking…

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Face lift alternatives

When it comes to facial rejuvenation, most of us tend to focus on the lines and wrinkles that appear with age. However, that is only half the story.

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Try these yoga treats and intentions for January

​Our new yoga guru suggests yogic meditation and pampering as a great start to 2014

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How to boost your libido naturally

​​Lacking a little in the libido department? Try these quick tips and see your passion levels soar

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Top tips for a healthier family

Keep your tribe in tip top health with news, ideas and advice from Janey Lee Grace

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