The secrets to improving your fitness fast

Anyone who’s running the London Marathon this month will know that it takes dedication to reach your peak of physical fitness. Performing at your best takes months of training, and it doesn’t happen overnight. But while putting in the hours pounding the pavements will achieve results, there are other ways…

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International Women’s Day 2015

There will be thousands of women’s circles, conferences and get-togethers held all over the world; as celebrations, discussions, and conversations take place concerning gender equality in our society

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6 reasons to love chia seeds

They may be a tiny and humble seed, but chia Seeds are full to the brim with health benefits, so if they aren’t already on people’s shopping list then here are Chia bia’s six reasons why should…

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8 ways to banish the blues

Heal your troubled mind with these quick tips from psychiatrist Dr Sabina Dosani

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Five steps to an instant anti-ageing effect

Dr Nick Lowe, Professor of Dermatology, explains why mineral make-up could be great for your skin and how to use it

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Interview with an international yoga teacher

Sally Parkes explains how yoga has changed her life, and could change yours too

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How to use solve and learn from relationship problems

We are all longing for love. We may even be blessed enough to find ourselves in a loving relationship. However, even good relationships have problems. Does this mean the relationship is flawed or that it’s simply run into trouble? I believe that relationships are the best tools we have for…

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Preparing for a new baby?

Top baby and parenting tips for new and expectant mothers from The Baby Show

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There are many causes of bloating after eating but, given…

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Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the name given to inflammation or a…

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